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Loose Diamonds
Loose diamonds of different shapes, carat, color, clarity, cut, ideal cuts, hearts and arrows.
1. Search Loose Diamonds: Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity
Look for the right loose diamond by carat, color, clarity or shape and find the EGL-USA and GIA Certified diamonds using our user-friendly search engine.
2. Wholesale diamonds
The dealers of wholesale diamonds New York offer the best diamonds available in the market at a competitive rate. Buy wholesale diamonds through online.
3. Top Manufacturers, Dealers of Diamonds, Jewelry, Gems
Top diamond manufacturers and dealers worldwide combining top quality loose diamonds, gemstones and fine jewelry at wholesale prices.
4. Wholesale Diamonds from Diamond Experts
Wholesale diamonds, loose diamonds, engagement rings and more.
5. Certified Bargain Loose Diamonds, Ideal Cut, Diamond Pair
GIA and EGL USA Certified Loose Diamonds, Ideal Cuts and Matching diamonds : Round, Princess, Pear cuts.